Since 1994, we provide a complete range of services
designed to solve environmental problems

We anticipate market needs and economic trends
with continuous innovation and cutting-edge solutions

Circular approach for a circular economy
We transform all recyclable material into valuable products

We integrate attention to sustainability
and environmental impact within every activity

We pay close attention to the health of our employees by adopting
a Safety First and Corporate Social Responsibility approach

Nothing is wasted,
everything is transformed.

Over 180 employees


Over 5.000 projects carried out since establishment


More than 150.000 tons of treated materials


More than 18
of activity


More than 6.000 tons of
containing PCB treated


Mobile and stationary highly
advanced laboratories
for waste
analysis and PCB type determination


Mobile Treatment Units for on-site treatment activities


Over 1 million of km travelled by trucks each year for logistic services

Nothing is wasted,
everything is transformed.

Over 180 employees

More than 18
 of activity

More than 150.000 tons of treated materials

Over 5000 projects carried out since establishment

More than 6000 tons of equipment containing PCB treated

Mobile and stationary highly advanced laboratories for waste analysis and PCB type determination

Mobile Treatment Units for on-site treatment activities

Over 1 million of km travelled by trucks each year for logistic services

An integrated
approach to the future

SetCar embraces the concept of circular economy through the design and execution of technological installations specific for treatment of hazardous materials and recycling the highest possible quantity of raw materials giving a second-life to products.

Our integrated approach focuses on high performance while ensuring sustainable solutions. Our team performs efficient and sustainable remediations and treatments, using both stationary and transportable systems, so to get:

Strong  reduction of
costs, fuel consumptions
and emissions in
the atmosphere

flexibility and

Reduction of the risks
associated with the
transport of hazardous

SetCar is unique on the Romanian market, as we adopted new technologies, such as the graphene nanoplatelets-based material named Grafysorber® for oil adsorption treatments.


What we do

Integrated Industrial waste and pollution management

Tech and innovation

Solutions by industy

Grafysorber® Technology

Integrated Industrial waste and pollution management

Tech and innovation

Solutions by industry

Grafysorber® Technology

for the future

SetCar holds all the environmental authorisations and certificates permitted by ADR and required for the performance of its activities.

Important projects

We intend to make every day better and constantly adapt our processes to respond effectively to market needs by using the latest technologies for:

collection, separation and treatment/processing of petroleum waste

decontamination of electrical equipment contaminated with PCB

treatment of various wastewater containing chemicals and hazardous industrial waste

collection and recovery of residual mercury

cleaning fuel storage depots

disposal of toxic reagents and soil remediation

soil treatment

total waste management

oil-absorbing products

Recommendation from Petrom

Recommendation from Enel

Recommendation from Dacia

SetCar is the only Romanian company that can boast a “Total Waste Management – Zero Landfill” solution.

Health Safety & Environmental Protection

Human capital represents SetCar’s ​most important resource.

Our team is formed of over 180 members with extensive experience in the areas of hazardous substances decontamination, laboratory analysis, innovative technologies and specialized packaging and transportation.

We always put in the first place the health and safety of the employees and of the community of which we are part and in which we carry out our activity.

There has been no work accidents in the 27 years of activity.